The Guiding Principles in Digital Marketing MBA enable quick and effective decision making.

Digital Marketing MBA

by David J. Bradley

  • Identify quick wins using information available to you today


  • Research your market, competition and opportunities so you know exactly what channels and strategies to pursue


  • Understand the processes & tech that support business results


  • Select the online channels that best fit your target market


  • Allocate funding and people for smooth, effective execution


  • Establish management protocols to ensure the ongoing iteration, growth and sustainability of your digital activities

What’s Inside

Phase 1

Market Intelligence

A process for collecting new and existing information about your market, consumers, business operations, as well as any associated helpful information.


Phase 2

Strategy Development

An exploration of two core components: communication
channels and digital processes and technology. This gives sustenance and structure to your digital activities.


Phase 3

Guided Implementation

A focus on preparing the execution teams and management protocols so that there is clarity and logic to the implementation plan, ensuring a successful conclusion and ongoing operation.

“Executives should be able to trust in their ability to direct marketing in today’s digital world.”

Learn about Digital Marketing MBA on the Weekly Webinar

Weekly on Tuesdays at 6:00 PM EST

The total webinar is approximately 25-minutes long, so be sure to arrive on time!

On the webinar, we will:

1. Understand the common roadblocks to successful digital marketing strategy, and

2. Explore the three-phase process to developing a strategy that works.

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About the Author

Author of #1 Marketing & Sales Best Seller,
Getting Digital Marketing Right

David Bradley is a unique professional that has breadth and depth of digital marketing expertise with a focus on the process and management protocols that make comprehensive strategies possible and successful. His consulting firm, The Bradley Business Group, Inc., attracts clients ranging from venture-backed startups vying to break into the market successfully to nine-figure organizations seeking to transform how they market themselves today.

His first book, Getting Digital Marketing Right, became a best-seller in Marketing & Sales and has received tremendous acclaim among small business owners and marketing practitioners. The book was used on the curricula at higher education institutions such as Concordia College of New York and Pace University’s Lubin School of Business. The online course variant of this book has amassed over 11,600 students representing 135 countries. He also serves as an adjunct professor and an advisor to non-profit and for-profit organizations.

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