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Getting Digital Marketing Right

This is My Story

I wrote Getting Digital Marketing Right to help business owners understand the vitals behind digital marketing to find success.  It’s a guide that teaches you 20% of what you can do to get 80% of results.

We skip learning tactics and techniques.  It’s not about that.  We hire others to do that for us.  We just want to know how each technique and tactic fits into your digital sales funnel and how to maximize the potential of that funnel.

The Book Will Help You:

  • Develop a powerful strategy
  • Align your vision and goals to your marketing
  • Experience a return-on-investment with digital marketing

Additionally, You Will Learn:

  • How to design a complete digital sales funnel
  • How to identify your ideal customers and what drives
  • How to be a masterful marketer without technical expertise

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Getting Digital Marketing Right
Getting Digital Marketing Right

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#1 Best Seller in Marketing & Sales

4.9 / 5 Stars

“David breaks down the step by step actions and plan that anyone can implement right away to their business.  Major companies are spending tons of dollars to get this formula.
Aaron James


“If you’re short on time and need a go-to digital marketing game plan you can definitely rely on Getting Digital Marketing Right.

David J. Bradley does a great job of focusing on what’s most important and gives you an awesome framework for an often complex environment.”

Philip Carr

Marketing Consultant

“I enjoy when books step back from specific tactics and focus on the core marketing principles.  Tactics change all the time, but good marketing strategy doesn’t.

This book does a fantastic job of teaching the business owner to really look at what their business needs, how a digital strategy will help them accomplish their goals, and gives them the proper formula for creating their funnel.”

Jason Oliver

Digital Marketing Agency Owner

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Expert Marketer Magazine Featured GDMR Q2 2015

Expert Marketer Magazine
“Solid content and a no fluff guide to helping your business succeed online”
Peter Wright

Getting Digital Marketing Right

Interviews with the Author

The Video Course

On July 10, 2015, I launched the video course version of “Getting Digital Marketing Right” on the Udemy platform.

The results were astounding…

  • 800+ students on launch day
  • 2,000+ students by day three
  • 2,800+ students enrolled today
  • 107+ countries represented
  • 4.9 / 5 star rating

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Getting Digital Marketing Right

Get The Full Video Course

On the Udemy platform.

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The Entrepreneur is a collection of stories from entrepreneurs from across the world. I was honored to be part of this book with many other entrepreneurs to inspire others through our success, failures, and ultimately, our entrepreneurial journey up to this point.

Athena Publishing & Mitra Publishing

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This book is focused on content marketing as a viable option for business growth in small businesses. I contributed a piece on one of the most popular and exciting methods today – podcasting. This one is off to the editor and should be released this fall!
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