A-E-E: Adherence, Effectiveness and Efficiency

Writing an educational book or creating a training program cannot be about you and what you want to say. It must be about the recipient and what they need to understand and do. Otherwise, it deservingly falls on deaf ears. I wrote two books, published several courses...

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Structured Flexibility

In my first book, I introduced a concept I believe to be both simple and profound, which may just be what makes a remarkable concept remarkable. I call it "structured flexibility". You can infer its meaning from the name, but truly understanding it and applying it...

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Contribution in Life & Marketing

My coaching clients all face the same question once we reach the right level of trust that allows for full openness, honesty, and connection: Tell me about a time you felt truly alive. I like to catch them a bit off guard. The conversation leading to the question...

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Moving Uncomfortably Slow

The wheels fall off when we move too fast. Speed isn't the actual issue. There are many wonderful benefits that come with speed. The faster you are to market, the quicker you can sell and recoup your development costs. The quicker you write the introduction, the...

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Coaching For Advertising Agencies

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